Assess Your Situation

KLB Associates is a little different.  Before we offer any service we do a complete audit to help determine what you REALLY need.

Step 1

Our Proprietary Business Audit can help identify the requisite resources.

Step 2

The results of your Business Audit are analyzed and a Custom Plan is delivered.

Step 3

Your Custom Plan goes into effect with constant oversight ensuring measurable results.

The Mission

KLB was founded with a mission to help companies grow and achieve results. From startups to well-established businesses, once Mr. Baroff is passionate about a company, he is driven to help them grow and prosper, even if they are in trouble.

Over the last 20 years, he has offered his consulting services to various business professionals in the manufacturing, entertainment, event venue, medical, legal, restaurant, catering, home improvement, computer and retail fields.

KLB Expertise

A Typical KLB Client

Our core services focus on improving cash flow by stabilizing operations, renegotiating vendor/banking relationships and developing strategies to ensure long term growth.


Doesn't understand their financial position
Require financial restructuring & asset recovery
Require operational restructuring
Lack a Strategic Plan