Case Studies

KLB Associates and its team of professionals have assisted many companies in various industries. The team is pleased to present various case studies and in each case, KLB was able to either solve financial issues or create strategic marketing plans.

  • Entertainment/Venue

Retained by entertainment/venue for over 16 years. The company had been in business for over 15 years prior to becoming involved with all aspects of the business. The company was growing and the management team was overwhelmed with responsibilities. My first responsibility was to evaluate all of the financials and assist with bringing better control systems to the company. The accounting services were changed and together with the new accounting firm, I was able to get better control of the companys’s financial picture. With continued growth, it was apparent that the company needed ongoing assistance.Over the years, I was able to build and maintain strong relationships the banks and then establish SBA relationships. Through SBA, the company was able to fund the purchase of one of their venues and finance a third venue. By managing the finances, we were able to create a positive cash flow and create ongoing profitability. Our firm also was able to create a consistent brand in the market place. The company was a leader in the event industry and needed to continue to keep its strong brand in the local communities. The internet was a major resource for brand awareness, so our team developed a major web presence through search engine marketing and the development of a comprehensive website. Dominating Google for the major keywords, enabled the company to produce a significant amount of new leads. We also developed collateral that was circulated in the local communities.

Services rendered:

Web development, Search engine marketing, Event marketing, Strategic Planning, Marketing Plans, Financial Analysis,

  • Manufacturer

Retained by a paver and retaining wall manufacturer for over 6 years.  The company was a family owned business who never focused on the company’s image or brand. For over 25 years the company manufactured products that were becoming obsolete and then decided to branch out to a new product line. For 5 years they perfected the product line but needed assistance in getting their name out to the marketplace. The paver industry was very competitive with some very large companies dominating the field. This company retained my firm and we began to  build the brand and assist with all aspects of sales and marketing. We developed a team of sales people and distributors. Managed a $350,000 year marketing budget and executed all marketing  strategies.  Our efforts over the 6 year period were very impactful, as the company had made significant inroads with their distributors and contractors. Sales continued to grow and brand awareness was apparent.

  • Auto Repair Company

Retained by a service auto and truck company for over 3 years. Helped analyze the entire financial condition of the company. Able to diagnose the financial challenges, and was able to create a positive cash flow and profit. Most important was establishing control systems for management. The company desperately needed assistance with creating a positive cash flow for the business. Accounts receivable was not under control, margins were too low and expenses were not managed. Over a 6 month period, I was able to create a positive cash flow for the company and put t]the management team at ease.

Services rendered:

Financial analysis, cash flow management, create internal control systems